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Dry Heat Sterilizer
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Dry Heat Sterilizer
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The Dry Heat Sterilizer is machine where the ampoules or vials placed in trays of different kinds are washed in a non-sterile environment, which is then loaded onto a trolley. The trolley is then moved towards the sterilizer using a transfer trolley. Temperature and time of the digital controller can be easily set up after that. After this, the impeller kept on the top of the machine then circulates the hot air above the charge in a horizontal fashion. Air above the elements is then heated which is placed on the top.

The hepa filter then allows the fresh air to enter the system. The system has two doors. One door leads to the sterile room and the other door into the non-sterile room. The doors are both pneumatically interlocked with each other. The profile of the temperature of the Heat Sterilizer during the sterilization cycle is then recorded into a recorder. The validation of the entire process is then offered by Six-Point scanner of digital temperature. Just after the time needed for sterilizing the batch is over, heating circuit shuts the pneumatics damper, opens up, the operation of cooling starts immediately.

Salient features of the Dry Heat Sterilizers by Multi Pack Machinery has been explained in the following points:

Technical Specifications of this Dry heat sterilization machine include:

Temperature Upto 250°C
Material of Construction Interiors with 14 gauge S.S.316 quality sheet. Exteriors with 16 gauge S.S. 304 Quality sheet. Frame work of rolled steel section 6,5 & 3mm. The interior frame work of S.S 316 quality
Trolley Fabricated from AISI SS 316 Quality angle & flats with ‘U’-Grooved Stainless Steel wheels
Transfer Trolley Fabricated from S.S 304 Quality Angles & flats with castor Wheel for sterile & Non- sterile room. 
Doors Two doors, one opening into the sterile room and the other into the non-sterile room.The doors are lined with silicon rubber for sealing. The door in the sterile room is claded with 16 gauge AISI SS 304 sheet.
Interlocking To maintain the barrier between the sterile and non-sterile rooms, both the doors are pneumatically interlocked. The pneumatic system consists of pneumatic cylinders, solenoid valves and flow control valves.
Insulation 125mm (t) Mineral wool. A grade mineral wool insulation to optimize heat effectiveness and stop heat losses.
Air recirculation A 2 H.P. 1440-RPM motor drives the impeller. Air enters the Chamber through perforations provided passes horizontally over the charge and is re-circulated.
HEPA Filter Module Air entering the system is passed through a HEPA Filter Module consisting of a pre-filter up to 5 microns, a blower & a HEPA Filter up to 0.3 microns. The filtered air is fed to the impeller for circulating in the system.
Temperature Control & Timer A combined Electronic Digital Controller & Timer is installed. ±2ºC., one probe centrally mounted.
Scanner A six point Digital Scanner is incorporated, with facility of Hold & Scan at all six points.
Temperature Recorder A, 1 point Circular Chart recorder is installed with chart Dia. 8”
Cooling Coils Crimped Finned Tubes with headers, S.S. 304 Quality to speed up cooling cycle.
Panel Board Consists of: Ammeters, Voltmeter, Voltmeter switch, HRC fuses & Circular chart Recorder
Control panel Motor Starter, Contactors, Rotary Switches, Indicating lights for heating & Cooling cycle and phase indicating lights.
Exhaust damper Controlled by solenoid valve and is opened during the initial heat-up, shuts off and re-opens during cooling cycle.
Fan Dynamically balanced fan provided for hot air circulation to achieve uniform temperature
Finish All stainless steel components buffed to matt finish.
ISO Certifications
15 Offices Worldwide
150 Hardworking People
4000 Worldwide Installations
25 Years Of Experience

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